4 Must-See Sights When In Greece

Aside from the debt crisis issue, Greece has remained as a top travel destination and even become more popular than it has ever been. Greece is most famous for the Olympic Games, and for its towering mountains, islands, beaches and historic sites & monuments. It is also known for being the first advanced civilization and where the idea of cultural exchange originated.

Here are the four sights to see when in Greece to get the best of its age-old culture and history.

1. Mount Lycabettus

Mount Lycabettus at Sunset

Mount Lycabettus or Lykavittos can be found in Athens at 300 meters or 908 feet above sea level. It has two peaks where you can see the Chapel of St. George, a theatre and a restaurant. Its base is covered with pine trees. The mountain is perfect for sunrise and sunset watching.

By climbing its peak, you’ll have an amazing panoramic view of Athens. The mountain is also best for adventures as it is the highest point in Athens.

The restaurant at the mountain can be a good venue for a romantic dinner date for two.

2. Firostefani Village

Firostefani Village view

Firostefani lies to the north of Fira and the view from this part of Santorini is spectacular. You can enjoy the breathtaking sight of Fira and the magnificent sunset. You can choose from the various hotels in Firostefani with an amazing view of the whole area.

There also plenty of local restaurants and cafes in the village. You will surely have a worthwhile visit by also trying its special wines and cuisine.

Firostefani is just near the largest shopping, dining and entertainment centres.

3. Navagio Beach

Navagio Beach Shipwreck

The most beautiful beach in Greece, also known as the Shipwreck Beach. It is an exposed cove located on the north-west shore of Zakynthos. The place has an exquisite limestone cliffs, white sand shore, and crystal clear waters. Navagio Beach attracts thousands of adventurous travelers and visiting tourists.

It can only be accessed by boat and is now popular as a base jumping location. A recent Korean drama was filmed in this area, making it more popular and has increased its tourism. Also, an abandoned ship still rests buried in white sandy dunes of the beach, which is the reason why it was nicknamed Shipwreck Beach.

4. Island of Rhodes

Island of Rhodes in Greece

Island of Rhodes is one of the largest and most beautiful Greek islands. The island of Rhodes is an ancient town in Greece and is a world heritage site. Its area is mainly comprised of hills, mountains and forests. Like most towns in Greece, it also has its own towering mountains and long shorelines. The Island of Rhodes became popular when Colossus of Rhodes and the Citadel of Rhodes were created.

The monuments and the fabulous architecture hold special historical and cultural significance that attract a number of visiting tourists every year. Rhode is also known for its beach resorts and archaic ruins. If you want to see the other side of the Island, you can also visit its bars, clubs and cafes for a complete and enjoyable vacation.